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Gain an Organisation

Wide Baseline of Your

Threat Landscape and

Risk Exposure

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Discover, validate, and prioritise a wide range of cyber threats and vulnerabilities across your IT, IoT, IoMT and OT environments.

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Analyse the context and risk associated with all findings.

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Leverage the comprehensive insight to develop effective risk mitigation and remediation strategies.

Threat Hunting and

Risk Identification Service

Identify risks and compile data from multiple sources within a few days. 


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Receive a comprehensive report detailing validated threats, impacted devices and associated risks.


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Discuss and prioritise mitigation and remediation alternatives to create an effective, prioritised risk reduction plan.


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Process Timeline

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Who Is It For?

Organisations that lack internal visibility to identify threats from unknown and rogue assets.

Organisations that lack internal staff and resources that want insights into possible threats within their network that they are missing.

Organisations that think or believe that they are harbouring unauthorised assets, misconfigurations, bad communications, bad cyber hygiene, bots or even malformed packets.

Organisations that want a single view of all their risks, whether IT, IoT, IoMT or OT.

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Ready to Get Started?

Find out how CommsNet Group can help your organisation manage risks and threats from digital devices.

Achieve a Baseline of the Threat Landscape Across Your Digital Terrain in Less Than a Week

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