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About Us

We provide specialised integration and consulting services.

CommsNet Group was founded in 1996 as an information technology company providing specialised integration and consulting services.

Today, we offer a complete and focused IoT solution to organisations based on our years of experience and expertise around network monitoring, network performance, cybersecurity and insider risk.

While IoT devices enhance our lives and business operations, they also introduce significant threats.

They are entry points for attacks on parts of organisations critical infrastructure or they can be the specific targets of criminals, as in the case of cars or medical devices that contain software.

Either way, if you do not know that they exist, you can’t manage them… and if you can’t manage them, you can’t protect these devices.

IoT/OT device security is one of the hardest problems to solve within an enterprise.

This is CommsNet Group sweet spot.

We recognise that every organisation’s business risk is unique. Regardless of where you are on your cybersecurity maturity journey, CommsNet Group will be able to advise on the best way forward in protecting your organisation’s critical assets from harm.

Who We Are

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Ready to Get Started?

Find out how CommsNet Group can help your organisation manage risks and threats from digital devices.

CommsNet Group ability is in its approach to simplify the IoT environment and problem.

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We are agnostic to technology.

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We offer expertise, guidance, and support that identifies the best strategy to provide a robust cybersecurity IoT framework and environment.

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What Makes Us Unique


The timeline of CommsNet.
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