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1.5 Billion IoT breaches in 2021.

A Smart Home is likely targeted more than 12,000 hack attempts per week.

The amount of shared data that IoT is expected to reach 73 ZB (Zettabytes) by 2025.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Devices Often Remain

Invisible on Enterprise Networks

These devices expand the attack surface and greatly increase organisations’ risk.

Medical experts assess data in their computer screen from their laboratory.

In this report, we discuss why medical devices are vulnerable. We provide a picture of the exposure of medical devices and systems on the open internet and discuss mitigation recommendations for healthcare organisations.

Healthcare Organisations Have the Highest Vulnerable Device Diversity

Two black lades happily talking on their phones while walking beside a building.

A substantial number of IoT devices connect to your network every day. Which ones are opening it up to the most risk?

The 10 Riskiest IoT Devices

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