Protecting your business from insider threats in seven effective steps Why your organisation is currently defenceless

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By Boaz Fischer on Dec, 24 2018

The Threat To The Payroll From An Insider

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Whether you employs 50 or 5,000 people, your payroll is a complex, highly regulated process that affects employees’ attitudes and culture toward the company.

Everything related to payroll is confidential. This includes communications between the employer and employees and between the employer and outside agencies, such as recruitment agencies.

Payroll and confidentiality go hand in hand. The former involves executing the tasks necessary to pay employees and operate the business legally; The latter involves protecting the financial data used in the payroll process.

But what could possibly go wrong? In this article, I provide you with an overview of the challenges that every organisation faces with insiders that may have the motivation to commit a malicious or unintentional act and place the organisation at risk.

How to prevent and mitigate payroll threats? Find out in this article.