Protecting your business from insider threats in seven effective steps Why your organisation is currently defenceless

Insider Threat Hunting

Description Of Service

Insider Threat Hunting is a specialised service for organisation who are looking to proactively hunt for active insider threat actors on your business systems.

There are three typical scenarios:

  • 1. You think you have an isnider threat, but not sure and would like CommsNet Group to identify this threat/s
  • 2. You have an insider actor who you deem as risky, but you are not sure. And therefore would like to utilise Commsnet Group services to ascertain whether this person is placing your organsiaiton at risk.
  • 3. You have had an Insider incident and not sure whether, there is still an insider involved. For example, some insiders collude to commit the inside crime. 


The service consist of six stages


  • Help collect investigative information about insider actors that are placing your roagnisation at risk
  • Provide recommendations and suggested course of actions for remediations


  • Fast identification of insider threats
  • Identification of possible failures of internal security practices
  • Ability to protect the individual privacy as well as providing you the use data for legal requirements.

CommsNet Group Advantage

We can accomplish Insider Threat Hunting “in the quiet” without alerting a potential insider actor/s

We provide another threat mitigation service that focuses on people.