Protecting your business from insider threats in seven effective steps Why your organisation is currently defenceless

Insider Threat Data Risk Assessment

To effectively mitigate the threats posed by trusted insiders specifically around your critical asset - your unstructured data, you must understand your organisation’s susceptibility to threats. CommsNet Group Insider Threat Data Risk Assessment determines how prepared you are to prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats specifically pertaining around your most valuable asset – your data.

In data breaches, files are targeted because they are high value assets and usually vulnerable to misuse by insiders and outsiders. While organisations focus on outer defences and chasingthreats, the data itself is left broadly accessible and unmonitored. 

It is interesting to note that, stale data and excessive employee permissions continue to expose organisations to insider threats, ransomware and other risks. A recent Ponemon study found that 62% of end users say they have access to company data they probably should not see and a Forrester Consulting study found that 59% don’t enforce a need-to-know permissions model for sensitive files.

What is data security?

Data security is all about ensuring that only the right people all have access to the right data at all times, all use is monitored and abuse is flagged.

Why would you want to do a Data Risk Assessment?

According to those that did perform a Data Risk Assessment found that

  • 68% of organisations that perform a risk assessment to validate security concerns
  • 95% agree that the risk assessment helped them identify at-risk, sensitive and classified data and build a plan of attack to reduce the likelihood of a data breach,
  • 82% rate global access remediation a top priority after seeing the results.

The CommsNet Group Data Risk Assessment provides insight into the risks associated with corporate data, identifies where sensitive and regulatory data resides, reveals over-exposed and high risk areas, and makes recommendations to increase their data security posture.


  • The Data Risk Assessments will quickly show you where your most vulnerable data is stored, who is accessing it and what needs to be done to secure it
  • It will provide you with an overview of whether any of your data is overexposed including at-risk sensitive & classified data
  • Immediately identify specific vulnerabilities to be addressed
  • Justify follow up actions to key decision makers

Next Steps

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